Campaign Professional Alums

Traditionally, men have held top spots as professionals in campaigns --- women served as campaign fundraisers. But that has all changed. Following the November 2016 women are breaking through the campaign professional glass ceiling.

Welead OC is proud to have among its alum, two brilliant women --- Laura Villa and Bridget McConaughy --- who are serving as campaign managers of high profile campaigns.


Laura Villa is the mastermind campaign manager behind the Beatriz (Betty) Valencia for Orange City Council campaign. Having never been involved with a campaign, Laura is responsible for spearheading first-time ever candidate, Betty Valencia, into third place, in a city council race with eight candidates. Betty is running in 2020. Look for Laura to be at the helm once again.


Bridget McConaughy is also a first-timer campaign manager for a high-profile Inland Empire Congressional race. Bridget will be guiding her candidates through the challenges associated with a Democrat, not only running against an entrenched Republican incumbent, but running in a red district. Bridget understands the value of a sound field operation and has a strong team.