Thousands of young people around the country, in California and in Orange County have been touched by the compassion, generosity, kindness and undying commitment of Barbara and Carl Mosen. They have changed and positively affected many people's lives.

Despite the enormous successes they have earned over the years, Barbara and Carl come from modest beginnings and are children of the 50's and 60's.

Barbara was born and raised on a farm in a small Midwest town in Iowa --- strong, solid values that have driven Barbara throughout her life. She received her first eight years of education in a one room school house and following high school, went on to get her teaching degree.  From there, as a single woman and on her own, (at a time when few women pursued such options) she taught in Germany and Japan. Later she moved to Northern California where she met her future husband Carl Mosen. The two relocated to Orange County.

Carl was born and raised in a logging community of the Pacific Northwest --- Bend Oregon. He lost his father at a very early age, and his mother, with two young children and one on the way, was left, with Carl's help, to raise the family. 

Carl was a star athlete in high school and college. He was then drafted and served at Fort Bening, GA during the Cuban Missile Crisis, an experience he will tell you shaped his life. It was while serving in Georgia he experienced first-hand the segregation of the South and the far-reaching effects of the Civil Rights movement.

Carl eventually moved to Northern California, where he met his future bride, Barbara Vogel.

Carl & Barbara embody not only the American dream of entrepreneurship and innovation, but also the closely-held values and principals of the Democratic Party --- they are living proof of both.

In 1986 Carl and Barbara founded Sober Living by the Sea in Newport Beach --- a treatment center for alcoholism, substance abuse and eating disorders. Countless numbers of men and women owe their sobriety to the Mosen's.

After selling Sober Living by the Sea in 2006, they opened a second treatment facility, Hotel California by the Sea, a treatment program with a renowned reputation throughout the country.

A thriving and successful business is a reflection of the work ethic from its leaders at the top. The Mosen's believe people reach their greatest potential when they are given a fair and equal chance  --- everyone, from the bottom up, is well compensated and treated with respect. Diversity is encouraged and welcomed.

The Mosen's strongly believe in the value of education. To that end, they have provided college scholarships to hundreds of young adults from all walks of life.

Barbara and Carl have touched the lives of those living on the streets of Orange County --- hundreds of people who work in the service industry and many, many friends. 

Barbara and Carl have two sons - Mitchell, who lives in Eugene, Oregon and David, who with his wife, Kim and two children, Zach and Maddie, live in Portland Oregon. Barbara and Carl live with their dog Zoie and their cat Harry on Lido Island in Newport Beach.

WELead OC is humbled and grateful for the Mosen's belief, early support and dedication to its mission. There are not two people who represent the values WELead OC wants to promote more than Barbara and Carl, especially their belief in our young women.

It is after all Carl's vision, early on after the November election that prompted the creation of the Girl Power Academy. He pointed out that those who are 14 today will be eligible to vote in 2020 and 16 year-olds will caste their ballots in 2018 --- enter WELead OC's Barbara & Carl Mosen Girl Power Academy!