Local Elections Matter!!

WELead OC's  Progressive Democratic Women's Political Training Program was developed to build a backbench of qualified Progressive Democratic women to run for elected office, to work with political campaigns and to develop Activist skills --- Orange County is home to 34 incorporated cities where Democratic women, while comprising more than 50% of the population, hold less than 10% of Orange County's Congressional, State Assembly, State Senate, City Council, School Board and Community College Trustee seats.

What sets Welead OC’s training apart:

  • Welead OC’s Candidate/Political Training is 100% local. Each of Orange County’s 34 cities are unique onto themselves.
  • Welead OC focuses its training specifically to the OC cities being represented and OC Regions.
  • The challenges faced by a candidate in Santa Ana are completely different than the challenges faced in Dana Point. And the challenges of those seeking office in North Orange County are different than those seeking office in South Orange County. Cookie-Cutter approaches do not work.
  • Welead OC provides its candidates with the resources (fundraising, field operation and volunteer base) they will need to be successful in their races, following each candidate through to election day.
  • Welead OC PAC provides direct contributions to Welead OC Alumnae.
  • There is no charge for the two-weekend/4-day training.

WELead OC's two weekend, 4-day, in-depth political training program focuses on educating and training women in all aspects of political campaigns, in preparation for a run for elective office, working as professionals with political campaigns and developing Activist skills. 

Participants must be registered as a Democrat as of December 31, 2017. Applicants must also be residents of Orange County.

The political training program is open to Progressive Democratic women interested in running for elective office in Orange County, Progressive Democratic women interested in working on political campaigns and Progressive Activists.

Training Topics:

  • Women in Politics
  • Becoming a Candidate/Setting up Your Campaign
  • Your Story
  • Developing/Retaining Volunteer Organization
  • Social Media
  • Raising Money
  • Developing a Sound/Strong Door-to-Door Canvassing Program

The comprehensive and intensive training program will take place over 2 weekends, beginning Saturday, June 23rd, Sunday, June 24th, Saturday, June 30th and Sunday, July 1st

Training is from 9:30AM – 5:00PM at the offices of UNITE HERE! Local 11, 13252 Garden Grove Blvd., Suite #200, Garden Grove, CA 92843.  Breakfast and lunch will be served.

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