WELead OC Volunteer Training - Tuesday, October 25th thru Thursday, October 27th!
Local Elections Matter!  Make no mistake --- the stakes n this year's Presidential race could not be higher --- policies affecting civil justice, women's reproductive rights and almost every other facet touching our nation, will have an impact on years to come.

Many of us know what life was like before the Civil Rights Act was passed, before the Voting Rights Act was passed, before Roe vs Wade and before the implementation of Affirmative Action.

Electing the next President in less than two months matters --- but so does electing local leaders.  In less than sixty days we will be deciding our local policy-makers who will rule on issues regarding public health and safety, transportation and infrastructure, business and economic development and taxes.

Local elections matter.  Just ask the residents in Flint, MI, who have been suffering through a major public health crisis with their drinking water for over 2 years. Or the residents of Ferguson, MO --- following the aftermath of the police shooting of Michael Brown, the African American community, which had no presence or representation on Ferguson’s City Council and School Boards, saw an increase in voter participation from 11.7% to 30%.  Local elections matter.

Despite OC voter registration data pointing to significant demographic changes over the last ten years, Republicans continue to dominate every branch of local government from the Board of Supervisors, to the Board of Education, to City Councils and School Boards.

Women, despite representing more than half of registered voters in this County, are grossly under-represented as local officeholders --- as are Latinos, Asian-Americans, Arab-Americans/Muslims and members of the LGBTQ communities.   

But with this election, here in Orange County, we have an excellent opportunity to affect real change --- and it starts here. 

It is a fact that building an infrastructure by winning local races provides the building blocks for our political system.  

For the last year, WELead OC has been focusing its attention on recruiting and training Progressive Democratic women to run for office.  Our priority is Women of Color and women living in under-represented communities in OC --- Our next project --- training young women to volunteer with local campaigns!

Beginning Tuesday, September 27th thru Thursday, September 29thWELead OC will host a political training program, at the offices of UNITE Here Local #11, 13252 Garden Grove Blvd #200, Garden Grove, CA 92843, from 5-9PM.  Young women in 11th & 12th grade Orange County High Schools or enrolled in Orange County community colleges, colleges and universities, are eligible to participate in the training. 


Immediately following the completion of the training, volunteers will be sent to campaigns with a razor focus on voter turnout --- WELead OC has a plan and a strategy.

Participants will not be charged to attend the 3 day training.

BUT --- we are seeking sponsors!   Every penny counts and will be used wisely.


If you prefer to send a check --- Make the check payable to "WELead OC" and mailed to 7071 Warner Avenue, #102, Huntington Beach, CA 92647.


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