What WE Do


Engage. Educate. Empower!


Welead OC ("WE" --- an acronym for "Women Empowered") is dedicated to empowering Progressive Democratic women in Orange County by engaging and educating through training and organizing.

Welead OC's mission is to build a backbench of Progressive Democratic women candidates, women campaign professionals and activists, thereby increasing the number of elected Progressive Democratic women in our County. 

Welead OC's primary focus is Women of Color and women living in under-represented communities in Orange County.

Orange County is home to 34 cities, comprised of 34 City Councils, Board of Education, Board of Supervisors, 26 School Boards and 4 Community College Districts, Water Districts and Judgeships.

Welead OC strongly advocates in support of local elections because local elections matter --- the real work takes place during School Board meetings, City Council meetings and with our County elected officials. It's where the community's voices are heard.

Welead OC is committed to a long-range strategy developing the necessary infrastructure to turn Orange County Blue.

Women make up the largest voting block in Orange County.  And --- Women Vote!

Welead OC's Women's Political Training Program was developed to build a backbench of qualified Progressive Democratic women to run for elected office, to work as professionals with political campaigns and as activists to organize neighborhoods throughout the County.

Welead OC's in-depth political training program focuses on engaging, educating, empowering and training women in all aspects of political campaigns, in preparation for a run for elective office, working as professionals for local campaigns and as organizing activists.

The political training program is open to Orange County women registered as Democrats. There is no charge for the training.

Orange County politics will change significantly --- kitchen-table-by-kitchen table, living room-by-living room, block-by-block, neighborhood-by-neighborhood, precinct-by-precinct and city-by-city

The change that is OC!  Progress!